Company Overview

Far too many companies with profitable business models become bankrupt or spend a lot of energy fighting a constant battle with tight cash flow. Many companies use external accountancy firms to carry out activities such as payroll, management accounts and annual audited accounts. Often, these services are expensive and don’t provide any real value-add to your business.

We provide all of these services, generally for a significantly lower price, and we aim to work closely with our clients to support your business.  We charge you less because our mission is to support Irish SMEs thrive and grow. We put KPIs in place for cash flow management and profitability growth. We attend quarterly meetings with the senior management team.

We help companies  fully understand issues such as:

  • how their cash conversion cycle (debtors/stock/creditors) is draining their cash flow;
  • how profit can be negatively affected by certain products, branches or customer segments;
  • how lack of internal controls can lead to the business haemorrhaging money.

We can also provide tailor-made solutions to support your growth, including helping you seek investment, implementing ISO 9001 to support strategic growth and providing coaching and mentoring for your team.

We partner with Niall Mooney of Accurate Accounting on much of our accountancy work. Niall, a qualified Chartered Management Accountant, has an excellent reputation for working with startups such as Bluedrop Medical and more established companies like Massey Bros.

Georgina Kearney of Sustained Growth Consulting provides much of the value-adding services and enjoys building deep relationships with clients. She is also a qualified Chartered Management Accountant and is experienced in ISO 9001, investment & funding, cash flow management and creating strategies for long-term profitability growth.

Sustained Growth Consulting continue to grow every day, thanks to the confidence our clients have in us.

how can we help you?

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