Accountancy Services & Tax Planning for Companies

In conjunction with Accurate Accounting, we provide all of the standard financial accountancy services and a full range of add-on services to support your growth. We act as a business advisor to review your financials with a view to creating solid action plans to maximise profits, cash flow and growth.

  • Year End Accounts
  • Tax Returns
  • Management Accounts
  • Vat Returns
  • Corporation Tax
  • Capital Gain Tax

Georgina Kearney & her partners are very experienced in creating tax-efficient company structures. They advise on tax planning for companies; minimising corporation tax and company director’s income tax liability, and on extracting company profits in a tax-efficient manner. They provide taxation services for preparing and filing all the necessary tax returns.

Tax Returns

We provide full services for registering and making returns.

  • Corporation Tax Return (CT1)
  • VAT Return (VAT3)
  • Payroll (P30/P35)
  • Income Tax Return (Form 11)

We advise on minimising liability and extracting company profits in the most efficient way, including –

  • Using pensions to minimise your income tax liability
  • Using reliefs for startups on corporation tax liability and refunds on investments (SURE and EII schemes)
  • Tax relief for intellectual property
  • Fully utilising business expenses
  • Ownership of business premises
  • Maximising capital allowances
  • Other money saving methods e.g. using the JobPlus Scheme
  • Dealing with Revenue audits & the importance of tax compliance

R&D Tax Credit

If you have no corporation tax liability, this can be claimed as a cash refund. This is especially relevant to technology startups.

A tax credit of 25% is available in certain circumstances for companies in respect of expenditure on research and development (R&D) activities. R&D activities are defined as “systematic, investigative or experimental activities in a field of science or technology, being basic research, applied research or experimental development”.

Revenue often audit companies who claim this refund and it is very important to have kept documentation supporting the claim in order.

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